New Patients

Your first dental appointment with Dr. Bibb

New patients receive a comprehensive examination which includes a screening for oral cancer, gum and bone disease, blood pressure, and systemic disorders. A routine oral exam is performed on established patients to determine any dental and health status changes since the previous visit.

Your gum tissue is measured with a fine instrument ruler to calibrate in millimeter's pocket depth between the tooth and the connective gum tissue around the tooth. Pocket depths more than 4 millimeters could indicate disease and infection. The deeper the pocket, the greater the extent plaque bacteria collects and how gum disease develops.

  • Dr. Bibb will take X-rays as needed.
  • Your hygienist performs tooth scaling and root planing as required.
  • Routine cleanings also include a professional polishing (Prophy) that removes the soft, sticky plaque above the gum line.

 Payment Policy

We accept a wide array of insurances. We submit claims on behalf of our patients so the insurance companies deal directly with our office.

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