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Design Dental Group Reviews
Overall Dental Practice Rating ★★★★★ 5 / 5 based upon 13 reviews.
★★★★★ We have been loyal customers here for years and can’t recommend Dr. Bibb and her staff enough. They are always thorough and work with your schedule to fit you in.
★★★★★ If you're looking for a great dentist in Houston, look no further! I have been coming to see Dr. Bibb for the last 7 years. Her professional skill and great attitude have put me at ease, and have made the procedures I've had to have over the years comfortable. Her staff is just as kind and supportive. I've never had any problems with billing or anything else at this clinic - these are trustworthy and good people. I highly recommend Design Dental Group!
★★★★★ I LOVE this place. The staff is so friendly at all stages of interaction, from phone calls to the office visit. The office has a really nice look and feel to it as well. I like all the natural light coming in through the large windows. And of course, Dr. Bibb is incredible. Now.... this is coming from a person with a very low tolerance to pain and traumatic dental experiences as a child. She is attentive and understanding of my initial discomfort and adjusted her approach accordingly. It's always a blessing to find a positive experience in a service that you've tried to avoid. I'm not one to do reviews, but I've been coming for a few years now, and I just couldn't not do one. Yes, this practice has even inspired me to use double negatives comfortably.
★★★★★ They have been amazing, I was so happy to find them and have been there ever sense. I even have other friends and family members that are going there now too. They work with you as well and thats what I appreciate as well. They have a person or two that does some sales pitch suggestions but what place doesn't do that. But that can be over looked because I don't have the situations some of my friends have had with crazy or bad experiences at other places and some situations down right freak me out hearing the situations they have been through, I have had none and my record of things with them have been perfect so I'll take that at a nice blessing. So glad I found this place and Dr Bibb!
★★★★★ We have been their dental lab for years. They are a joy to communicate with. They always keep the patient's best interest in mind and insist on the best restorations. Dr. Bibb really understands how to give the patients what they need.
★★★★★ Dr Bibb and her team are always so warm and welcoming. I feel very well taken care of each time I visit, even just for a simple cleaning.
★★★★★ If there is a place that is so patient oriented than Dr. Bibbs office I would like to know where it is. The staff as well as Dr. Bibbs are so professional and it is such a calm environment. The establishment is very clean as well. I love this place and I am so Happy my daughter found it. Kudos to everyone at this location. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
★★★★★ I have been coming to Design Dental for about 8 years and I have always had a great experience. Everyone there is friendly yet professional. They do very good work and make you feel comfortable as a patient. I have never been disappointed in the dental services I have received and I would recommend this place to anyone. :)
★★★★★ I love Design Dental Group and Dr. Bibb. Everyone is very nice and friendly and the office is welcoming. I have been going to Design Dental Group for several years. Even though I no longer live in the area, I drive across town because of the outstanding and personal service they provide.
★★★★★ Since I've been coming to Design Dental Group, I've had nothing but great experiences. From the moment I walk in, I'm greeted by name which makes you feel very welcoming, even during my visit all the way through until I walk out the door. The staff is very professional and treats you with respect. Great job! See you all on my next visit.
★★★★★ Visiting Dr. Bibb at the Design Dental Group for my first dental check-up was a great experience from the moment I walked through the doors!
★★★★★ Been a patient for 3 years and am impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. They work me in quickly when I have a dental problem. They also provide with a range of options to fit my budget.
I would recommend their services to any one who wants to establish a relationship with a dentist that cares about their patients dental care.
★★★★★ Going to the dentist is not my favorite thing, but Design Dental makes it as enjoyable as possible! The staff is so nice and professional. The office is clean and parking is easy. I really don't mind going. Definitely the best dentist I've been to in Houston!

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